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Throughout the year we run a range of training sessions, details of these can be found below.

Date Location Cost
QGIS for All
October Horsell, Woking £45

What you need to know

  • All our training courses are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Refreshments and lunch are provided
  • You will be provided with learning material and a usb stick of data and supporting files.
  • Training runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm
  • A £50 deposit (non-refundable) to secure your place
  • Access to an AWS PostGIS instance for up to 30 days post training
  • Post training support

To book a place email

Learn QGIS in a Day : Basics

This course teaches you how to get started with QGIS in a day. During the day you will learn the fundamental elements of QGIS using a range of Open-Data and Samples of premium data from Ordnance Survey. Get this course and Beyond the Basics together for £350

  • Loading Vectors, Rasters and Web Services
  • Introduction to Vector and Raster processing tools
  • Creating and Editing data
  • Styling and Rendering Data
  • Printing Maps
  • Explore other Foss GeoSpatial software

Learn QGIS in a Day : Beyond the Basics

This course is for those who have either attended our training session QGIS in a Day : Basics or have a good grounding in QGIS. During this training session you will go beyond the basics, looking at..

  • PostGIS and SQL
  • GeoPackages
  • Attribute Tables and Forms
  • Advanced Styling
  • Print Layout, Atlas and Reports
  • Basic Processing Models
  • 3D mapping

Learn QGIS with Open Data

Using a wide range of Open Data sources you will not only learn where to source Open Data but also learn how to load and work with them in QGIS. We will focus on using Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, Office of National Statics and data from Data.Gov.UK with the aim of joining, merging and cross referencing the data in QGIS to get a deep understanding of location.

  • Learn QGIS through data exploration
  • Loading and Consuming different Open Data types
  • Styling and rendering Open Data
  • Joining and Merging data to create new data via Processing Tools in QGIS

QGIS for Local Government

This one day workshop takes a look at how QGIS can be used in Local Government and provides you with a chance to ask questions of the software. Not only will you explore QGIS to get a better understanding of its tools and processes as a potential desktop GIS replacement but you will also look at best practice for storing data in PostGIS. Further to this you will look at how QGIS/PostGIS can be used to incorporate data from other line of business applications, such as IDOX / Oracle / ESRI. The workshop will also touch on:

  • ETL processes - FME, GDAL
  • Data migration methodologies
  • User Case Studies

QGIS for Archaeology

QGIS for Archaeology takes a look at how Archaeological data can be used within GIS; not just to produce a 'nice map' but to further ask questions of a site and drive a research agenda. Using QGIS we will explore its use for Desk Based Assesments, Pre and Post Excavation work and Research work.

  • Georeferencing
  • LiDAR processing
  • Research and Reports
  • Site analysis Pre and Post Excavation

QGIS for all

QGIS for All is aimed at Parish Councils, Community / Interest Groups and individuals This is ideal for those new to QGIS or GIS and is intended to be as non-technical as possible. As with all our training, you will receive handouts and sample data. Those attending may wish to bring along material on a specific project that they want are working on to share with the group or base their training upon.

  • Loading data
  • Creating and Editing data
  • Styling and Rendering Data
  • Printing Maps

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