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GIS Training

We like QGIS and it is the software of choice for all our GIS training. QGIS is powerful but small, is great for all levels of GIS needs and most of all it's a free and open-source GIS package. Its popularity around the globe is growing, especially in the public sectors of the UK.


There are three QGIS training options available, based on your needs.

  • On-site - for groups of between 3 to 10 peope held at your offices or chosen location
  • Off-site - for groups of between 5 and 10 peope held in Woking
  • One to One training - for individuals and held at the clients office.

Whatever option you choose, the training delivery is the same. It's a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training course - put simply you install QGIS (we can help with that) on your laptop and bring your laptop along with you. We will provide you with data on a USB stick, course material and hopefully an enjoyable days learning.


(Your Office)

£180* per person per day
(min 3 - max 10)


(The Lightbox, Woking)

£245 per person per day
(min 5 - max 10)

One to One training

(Your Office)

from £250 per day

* If you're a chairty or community group we can apply discounts on training sessions. Email us to get more information.

About training


We like practical sessions more than theory so we'll get stuck into QGIS really quickly. Each workshop is theme based, which you decide on; normally this is what your company or interest group undertakes. This means that we can tailor the course around you and your needs. Prior to the training we'll try our upmost to source lots of data on your theme and if you want to provide examples of your own data then that's even better. During the training we'll explore all of the core themes of QGIS, briefly touch on the principles of GIS and look at sourcing Open-Data such as the products offered by Ordnance Survey and the wealth of data held in Open-Street-Map.

Workshop 1

This is more geared up for those that are either new to GIS and QGIS, over the course of one day aims to give a gentle introduction to QGIS and GIS principles.

Workshop 2

This is aimed for those that are familiar with GIS solutions and want to get to know more about QGIS. This course runs over two days and dive a bit deeper into the advanced features and settings of QGIS.

Get in touch

If this all sounds smashing and great, then drop us an email at telling us where you want the training session, when you want it and how many people will be attending. We'll then send you back a quote and if you're happy with it we'll start work on your training material.