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There comes a point in a Neighbourhood Plan when you need a map, whether you are at Stage 1 or 7 of your planning phase. We can help you to get the maps and the access to the data that you need. We know that there are many factors that can cause groups to lack the necessary time, or sometimes the skills, to produce the maps that their policy document requires or deserves. This is why we offer three packages tailored around your needs.

Why use us?

The Loose Goat has a lot of experience in working with Neighbourhood Planning groups to create maps. You'll find that we are friendly and approachable, and will go the extra mile to help you. Please feel free to email us at to discuss your needs or simply to just ask questions.


Package 1
Creating maps of your policy areas.
From £65

Maps and Data

Package 2
Creating maps and sourcing data.
From £120

Maps, Data and More

Package 3
Creating maps, sourcing data and delivering you a range of GIS solutions/support.
From £250

Package 1

Let us create the maps that you want. This package brings you a map or series of maps outlining your policies and Neighbourhood Planning boundary only. Email us at and we can give you a more definitive cost.

What do I get in this package? This is our most basic package and gets you maps on the most appropriate basemapping with your policy sites and Neighbourhood Plan area mapped only. There is no limit on the number of times that you want to make changes to the map or a restriction on the size. With all our packages, to reduce the cost to you our service does not include printing hard copies. We will send you high quality digital copies of your maps via email or file sharing services such as WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

How do we let you know what areas we want mapped? In the first instance we'll discuss with you what stage your plan is at and the policies that you want to map. If you are at the start of your Neighbourhood Plan, we can send you a series of blank maps for you to capture your ideas on. We will also work with you to work out the best method to exchange files and your visions. We are happy to work with hardcopy or scanned maps with scribbles and annotations.

How long will it take to create a map? Typically a map or series of maps in Package 1 will be made available to you in less than a week.

Can we see samples of your work? We would be more than happy to send you some samples of our work which will include extracts of Neighbourhood Plan maps we've worked on.

Package 2

This package gives you more. Not only do we create the maps that you want, but we'll complement it with additional data, typically strategic or policy lead data from your local authority that supports your policies.

What data can we have? There are vast amounts of data at your disposal, most of which is free. At the Loose Goat we know where to look and source data for you. On your behalf we can liaise with your local authority to get you access to free Ordnance Survey data under the PSMA. We may well be able to source other council datasets of a Historic, Environmental, Ecological, Conservation data or Planning nature. We can also source data from the Environment Agency, Defra, Heritage England and more besides. Some datasets are not free, such as those from Conservation/Ecological Trusts so we would discuss this in more detail with you if you wanted these datasets to be purchased as part of the package.

How long will it take to create a map? Typically a map or series of maps as defined in Package 2 will be made available to you in two weeks.

Package 3

This package gives you even more! Not only do we do everything outlined in Packages 1 and 2, we will give you all this information back in GIS files. We'll also give you some training in how to use a Free and Open Source GIS package called QGIS and support your use of it for a year.

What is QGIS? Its a free Geographic Information System, that allows you to view and interact with Maps and mapping data. As part of this package we'll help you to install the software, configure it and give you training on how to use it.

What data we will get back? All the data that we source for you, along with the Policy areas we map for you, and your Neighbourhood Planning boundary will be supplied back to you. We'll set up a QGIS project for you, using the styles that we used when producing your maps for your documents.

How long will it take to create a map? Typically a map or series of maps as defined in Package 2 will be made available to you in two to three weeks. We'll arrange a date to come and visit you so that we can install, setup and train you in QGIS.

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