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Map Production

We like good cartography and at The Loose Goat we see it as a great honour to produce maps for our customers.

Static Maps


We offer our customers a variety of cartographic services, producing quality maps for flyers, leaflets, books or presentations. Maps are supplied to you in media files such as png, jpeg, svg or pdf. Clients can provide additional data or information to add to the map, as well as specifying custom branding or themes. We can also either create or try to source the data for you.

Producing static maps can sometimes be really straightforward, in which case we can deliver your map in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost. However, just like works of art, maps can be very subjective which can lead to them taking longer to produce and cost. At The Loose Goat we like to listen and bring you on board at every step, providing you with mockups and colour palettes along the way. That way there are no artistic surprises along the journey!

We would be happy to supply samples of our work on request.

Maps for the web


Sometimes maps in publications don't paint the right picture that you want to share with others. Using Open-Source web libraries, we can build slick and responsive interactive web mapping applications that convey your data, stories or information.

The finished interactive map can either be hosted by us on or on your website. Either way you will always be given a copy of your code, data and instructions on how it was all put together. If you are a QGIS user, then we can show you how you can create the data for your interactive map yourself.

Drop us an email and we'll be delighted to discuss your needs and requirements so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.



When it comes to creating any maps, we use a mixture of Open-Data and client supplied data. We really like the Ordnance Survey Open-Data range of mapping products, as well as crowd-sourced datasets provided by OpenStreetMap. We also source data from a variety of other locations across the web, such as, the Environment Agency or the Office of National Statistics. For PSMA customers we know Ordnance Survey data inside out and have a wide range of QGIS style files to apply to these premium datasets.