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Discover: A series of training workshops designed to help you discover Open-Data and Commerical data.

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The UK is one of the foremost counties in the world for GIS data, both commerical and Open-Data. Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin sourcing data and you are left wondering which data is best for the project(s) you have. We can help you explore and discover which data works for you.

The Discover training sessions gives you hands on access to data, think of it as 'try before you buy!' We give you access to samples of Ordnance Survey and Verisk premium products and guide you through how and where you can access the data. Using QGIS you'll discover how to process, convert, load, style and use the data. We dont just use premium products in our workshops, we also look at Open-Data as well.

The aim of the workshop is to allow you to discover the data, so that you can assess if the data fits your project needs.

Why attend?
While there are some excellent blogs and tutorials, sometimes they leave you wanting. Our training aims to give you extra. It gives you a chance to get hands on and ask questions that online resources might not achieve.

Who should attend?
This is open to anyone that wants to discover more about verious datasets and irrspective of your GIS background we can help you discover something new!

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What data will we look at?

Ordnance Survey

  • Mastermap
  • Highways & Water Network
  • Height data
  • Code Point and more...


  • UKLand
  • UKMap
  • UKBuildings


  • OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • Environment Agency
  • OS Open Data

What is the cost?
£310 per attendee which includes lunch and refreshments.

Where and when?
We will be posting more information on where and when we will be hosting this workshop soon. In the meantime if you are interested having this workshop run as a private session, then please get in contact.

We are independent to Ordnance Survey and Verisk and we dont get any commission on showing you their products, so there is no hard sell from us. We are very simplying helping you Discover data.


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