The Loose Goat

Maps, Data and more...


We provide a broad-brush of GI consultancy services, which we tailor and refine to our customers specific needs and requirements. This is because we know that not everyone wants the same things and not everyone is singing from the same song sheet. From on the job QGIS training, to outsourcing data capture, or looking at data strategies and work flows, we can help.


When we provide you with consultancy we dont simply think about the GIS aspect of the work invloved. We have a very holistic approach to our work born out of our background working within the public sectors 'digital transformation agenda'. This means that we take into account factors such as technology, skills sets and the presures of your time when we consult with you. Having worked in a developer environment we practice an Agile:Scrum methodology towards our work, meaning that we are proactive, collaborative and team orientated.

At The Loose Goat we want to build long lasting relationships with our customers by bringing them the support they want, when they need it. We think that your be happy with the outcomes we deliver.

  • Ours Services

  • Digitisation
  • Data Sourcing
  • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL)
  • Spatial Analysis
  • QGIS implementation and migration
  • Strategies for storing and managing data.
  • Targeted QGIS training
  • GeoReferencing
  • Strategy/Auditing reports
  • Who we can help

  • Local Government
  • Archaeology, Heritage and Conservation
  • Landscape and Estate Management
  • Ecologists and Arboriculturalist
  • Interest Groups
  • Charities
  • Housing Associations
  • Anyone else that uses location based information