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At The Loose Goat we offer customers a range of tailored GIS and mapping services. Foremost we provide training on QGIS and consultancy services on implementing Open-Source GIS architecture. We also provide map production services (both hard copy and interactive map) and data hosting, migration and transformation solutions.

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What we offer?


Do more, for less with QGIS


Sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

Map Productions

Hard copy or interactive, we've got your maps covered


Off-Site geo-solutions to empower you, your staff and customers

Why use us?

The Loose Goat is a friendly and approachable run business that has a wealth of knowledge in GIS, especially QGIS, as well as a background in Open-Source technologies, cloud resources and applications. We believe that we can provide value for money to the public sector, SMEs, Charities and Local Interest groups.

While we are passionate and enthusiastic about our subject, industry and the increasingly wonderful world of cloud technologies, we want to offer something a little different; to break from the rest of the herd! Hence we are the loose goat. We might be small but we have a lot of ambition, we want to work with lots of companies big and small, with individuals and communities to make GIS and data more accessible, easier and affordable for everyone to use and consume.

What we use

We like Open-Source solutions and these are at the heart of how we deliver our GIS services but we aren't just about Open-Source. We use Cloud resources to deliver a range of solutions and services that complement the delivery of a GIS architecture. The paid-for solutions from ESRI, MapInfo, CadCorp or Oracle aren't strangers to us either.

  • QGIS
  • PostGIS
  • Leaflet js, Openlayers, Google Maps
  • Talend ETL
  • Dropbox, Box, SharePoint


We like QGIS and it is the software of choice for all our GIS training. QGIS is powerful but small, is great for all levels of GIS needs and most of all it's a free and Open-Source GIS package. Its popularity around the globe is growing, especially in the public sectors of the UK.

There are three QGIS training options available, based on your needs.

  • On-site - Exercise lead learning for groups of between 3 to 10 people held at your offices.
  • Off-site - Exercise lead learning for groups of between 5 and 10 people held in Woking.
  • Focused - User lead training held at your offices.

Whatever option you choose, the training delivery is the same. It's a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training course. We will provide you with data on a USB stick, course material and hopefully an enjoyable days learning.

We like practical sessions more than theory so we'll get stuck into QGIS really quickly. During the training we'll explore all of the core themes of QGIS, as well as briefly touch on the principles of GIS for those new to the subject. You'll use UK Open-Data sets in your QGIS project to learn how to create, edit and share data, and to also create great looking maps for publication.



per person, per day

  • Held in Woking, Surrey
  • Style: Exercise lead
  • Min. 5 - Max. 10 students


per person, per day

  • Held at your office
  • Style: Exercise lead
  • Min. 3 - Max. 10 students


per person, per day

  • Held at your office
  • Style: Client lead
  • Max. 2 students


We provide a broad-brush of GI consultancy services, which we tailor and refine to our customers specific needs and requirements. This is because we know that not everyone wants the same things and not everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

  • QGIS implementation
  • Spatial Databases - PostGIS
  • Open-Source GIS strategies documentation
  • GIS architecture, Cloud Storage and SaaS
  • on the job QGIS training
  • Outsourcing

At The Loose Goat we want to build long lasting relationships with our customers by bringing them the support they want, when they need it. We think that you will be happy with the outcomes we deliver.

Map Production

We've got you covered when it comes to maps; Using QGIS and Inkscape for you hard copy maps or JavaScript libraries such as Leaflet JS or Google Maps for your interactive map. If you would like to see samples of the our hard copy maps, then please get in contact.

Interactive map can either be hosted by us on or on your website. Either way you will always be given a copy of your code, data and instructions on how it was all put together. If you are a QGIS user, then we can show you how you can create the data for your interactive map yourself. Don't forget to ask us about APIs, we've got a soft spot for Open-APIs that contain Geo-Content and getting them onto an interactive map

Geo Solutions

PostGIS is the perfect database partner to QGIS and indeed to almost all of the most well known desktop GIS applications available. We can help you get on the PostGIS journey from as little as £30 a month or £300 a year for a hosted PostGIS instance.

Geovey is an entirely cloud based map solution allowing you to gather localised feedback and data from your customers or communities. From engaging the public and communities over large-scale, commercial developments - to voicing every day problems and finding their solutions.

By using Geovey you can quickly and easily describe your plans or ideas upon a map without the need for GIS staff or any technical knowledge at all. You are in control of your users and consultations. The license has no limits and you can have as many users as you like and publish as many consultations as you like.

Mappin - this is an exciting application that allows you to deploy your QGIS project to a web application with a wide range of functions, beyond those that can offer similar experiences that can be downloaded as QGIS Plugins.

Our Team

We're a team of three people.

Loose Goat

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