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At The Loose Goat we offer customers a range of tailored GIS, Location Intelligence and Mapping services.

Tel: 0777 236 4721


What we offer?

At the heart of The Loose Goat is Open-Source GeoSpatial software and application, upon which we provide customers will three key services; Training, Consultancy and Map production. Offering customers value for money is our business ethos, find out more by clicking on the below links to see how we might help you.

Training and Support

Learn and Discover the power of location using QGIS and other Free and Open-Source technologies at home or in the office.


Helping you get the most out of location data and technologies: GIS strategies, Data reviews or automation, development or mentoring.

Map Productions

Hard copy or interactive, we've got your maps covered. Site maps, information-boards or Wayfinders, Land Use, Landscape Assessments and more.

Training and Support

Location Intelligence (or good old fashioned GIS) is a powerful tool that empowers people, groups or organisations to ask questions and get answers of location. We want to help you discover the power of data and location by utilising the power of Open-Source Geospatial Software.


We provide a number of opportunities depending on your requirements:

Learn QGIS with us at one of our training courses held in Guildford, Surrey. Find out more...

Tailored training sessions are designed just for you, irrspective if you are an individual wanting one to one training or large corporate business wanting the workforce trained. Training can either be in your office or held in Woking or Guildford, Surrey with packages starting from £180 per person. Find out more...


Looking for QGIS/PostGIS Support? Plans start from as little as £15. Find out more...

Email us at

" A brief note to thank you for a splendid workshop ....I thoroughly enjoyed being exposed, via your expertise, to a new realm of data analysis. An especial thanks for your patience and clear explanations! It was an exciting day for me. Best wishes, Peter "


The Loose Goat provides a range of professional services with the fundamental aim of bringing you value for money. We are happy to take on work of any size, from simple data transformation to outsourcing projects.

QGIS Consultancy

Having worked with QGIS for the last 7 year in a business environment we are well qualified to help you along your QGIS journey. We've provided professional services to both individuals and multinational companies who have wanted to know more about the software and how to efficiently implement it. We can also help you with...

  • QGIS implementation / migration strategies
  • Bespoke Processing Model development
  • Plugin Development
  • Open-Source GIS strategies documentation
  • On the job QGIS training and mentoring


Data underpins Location Intelligence and with over 16 years of experience in GIS we'd like to think that we can handle just about anything when it comes to data. We like ETL (Extra Transform and Load) processes and take joy in using a range of scripting libraries and languages to get data transformation done in the most appropriate way possible.

  • GDAL scripting
  • Data Conversion and Transformation
  • Analysis and capture
  • Creating APIs
  • Data storage options - Postgres/PostGIS and GeoPackages
  • Writing SQL

Delivering Location Intelligence.

It doesn't matter which GeoSpatial technology that you use, the core fundamentals of GIS are the same and for that reason we can help you deliver the GIS solutions you want.

  • GIS architecture, Cloud Storage and SaaS
  • Software / Application Development
  • GIS strategies documentation

At The Loose Goat we want to build long lasting relationships with our customers by bringing them the support they want, when they need it. We think that you will be happy with the outcomes we deliver.

Who have we worked with?

We have been very fortunate to have been able to work with some amazing people and companies, and long may this last. These are just some of our customers...

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Map Production

We've got you covered when it comes to maps; Using QGIS and Inkscape for your hard copy maps or JavaScript libraries such as Leaflet JS or Google Maps for your interactive map.

We can provide customers with

  • Land Registry Compliant Plans
  • Land Use Maps
  • Distance Maps - such as walking distances or site buffers
  • Site Maps for building or planning applications
  • Information-boards and WayFinder maps
  • Infographics

We also provide outsourcing services for Landscape Architects that require Landscape Visual Assessments (LVA) or Landscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA). If you are interested then please get in contact.

If you are working on your Neighbourhood Plan we offer a range of services that will help put your policies on the map!

Interactive map can either be hosted by us on or on your website. Either way you will always be given a copy of your code, data and instructions on how it was all put together. If you are a QGIS user, then we can show you how you can create the data for your interactive map yourself. Don't forget to ask us about APIs, we've got a soft spot for Open-APIs that contain Geo-Content and getting them onto an interactive map

" Simon is a pleasure to work with, is always helpful, and has done some excellent maps for our project. He is quick, efficient and skillful. Claire "

Why use us?

The Loose Goat is a friendly and approachable run business that has a wealth of knowledge in GIS. With a broad and indepth knowledge of QGIS, as well as a background in Open-Source technologies, cloud resources and applications. We believe that we can provide value for money to the public sector, SMEs, Charities and Local Interest groups. Our Director, Simon Miles has over 16 years experience of working with maps, data and more in the public sector.

While we are passionate and enthusiastic about our subject, industry and the increasingly wonderful world of cloud technologies, we want to offer something a little different; to break from the rest of the herd! Hence we are the loose goat. We might be small but we have a lot of ambition, we want to work with lots of companies big and small, with individuals and communities to make GIS and data more accessible, easier and affordable for everyone to use and consume.

We like Open-Source solutions and these are at the heart of how we deliver our GIS services but we aren't just about Open-Source. We use Cloud resources to deliver a range of solutions and services that complement the delivery of a GIS architecture. The paid-for solutions from ESRI, MapInfo, CadCorp or Oracle aren't strangers to us either.

  • QGIS
  • Postgres/PostGIS
  • Leaflet js, Google Maps
  • Talend ETL
  • PHP, NodeJS
  • GDAL
  • Dropbox, Box
  • Inkscape

Our Team

We're a team of three people.

Loose Goat

Morale officer: The Loose Goat. Born late 2017 likes eating hard copy maps!

Simon Miles

Director: Simon has been working with GIS since the turn of the Millennium. He loves maps and data, so much so he says that there is a blur between hobby and career. Having Dyslexia isn't a barrier to Simon - it helps him to see location and data differently.


The back-bone: Without QGIS the company wouldn't be going places and wouldn't be helping others along their journeys.


The Loose Goat Ltd


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Woking, Surrey

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