The Loose Goat

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What We Do

At The Loose Goat we do maps and data, and offer customers a range of bespoke GIS and mapping services. Foremost we provide training and consultancy services. We also provide access to hosted GIS cloud solutions and carry out any map production piece of work required by our clients, from hard copy to interactive web map.

What we offer



Map Productions


What we use

We like Open-Source GI solutions and these are at the heart of how we deliver our GIS services. However we aren't just about Open-Source, we use Cloud resources to deliver a range of Geo-Solution and Geo-Services. We aren't strangers either to the paid-for solutions from ESRI, MapInfo, CadCorp or Oracle either. At the end of the day we use the best technology for the job which in our biased view is normally Open-Source. This is what we use..


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Talend ETL

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Why use us?

The Loose Goat is a friendly and approachable run GIS business that has a wealth of knowledge about GIS that we want to share with our customers. We have a range of services to offer you that are delivered to our highest standards. Where we can't deliver the service you want, we know lots of people and businesses that could and would be happy to refer them to you.

Having strong focus in Open-Source technologies, cloud resources and applications means we can provide value for money to the public sector, SMEs, Chairities and Local Interest groups. We do maps, data and more besides and want to help you along your GIS journey.

While we are passionate and enthusiastic about our subject, industry and the increasingly wonderful world of cloud technologies, we want to offer something a little different; to break from the rest of the herd! Hence we are the loose goat. We might be small but we have a lot of ambition, we want to work with lots of companies big and small, with individuals and communities to make GIS and data more accessible, easier and affordable for everyone to use and consume.